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KB-3192: Mac user taking home directory path from ADUC instead of from Group Policy

Mac & PC Management Service ,  

12 April,16 at 11:11 AM

Applies to: Centrify DirectControl on Mac OS X
Users logging into Mac systems joined under Auto Zone get a network home directory path (SMB) that does not match the one specified in the following GP:
  Computer Configuration / Centrify Settings / DirectControl Settings / Adclient Settings / "Auto Zone home directory"
Instead it matches the home directory path specified in the AD accounts properties visible in ADUC.
See the following KB for the initial context:
  • KB-3163: How to configure an alternate home directory path for Mac OS X
Verify that the "Enable AutoZone user home directory (Mac OSX)" policy in the same folder is set to either "Not Configured" or "Disabled" as overrides the "Auto Zone home directory" policy and will tell adclient to pull the settings from the user's home directory attributes in ADUC.
Check also that the System Preferences > Centrify > Local Settings have also been kept to the default "Create local home directory" (despite the label of the switch) as the "Use network home folder" setting actually just tells the adclient to look to ADUC for the home path.
Once changes are made to the GPO and System Preferences, remember to go to the Mac and run the following commands:
  sudo adflush

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