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KB-3190: How to enable logging features when installing the Centrify Cloud Connector

Privileged Access Service ,  

29 October,19 at 05:46 PM

Attempts to install the Centrify Cloud Connector service on a host is failing. Is there an installation log that can be reviewed
to determine the failure?

The Centrify Cloud Connector service does not create an installation log by default - logging features are typically
available after installation has completed.
As a workaround, administrators can use one of the following options to capture installation events.
  • Save the registry file attached to this article to a local system and double-click to add the registry entries that enable logging. 
  • Launch the install package from a command line using the following switch:  /l <Log Path>

Registry Method
The registry file contains the below setup information and can also be copied into a text editor and saved as a .reg file.
After adding the registry value, the installation log file is saved in C:\temp (or any path designated in the registry
settings) and logging will end after installation is complete.
This change does not impact normal logging operations
performed by the connector service after install.
     Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Command Line Method

If the user attempting to capture logs has no permission to edit the registry
, installation logging can be enabled directly from
the installer file instead. Run the installer with the following parameters:
Cloud-Mgmt-Suite-xx.x-winxx.exe /l <Log Path>
Where <Log Path> is the location to save the log files to.

For additional information on installation, see Adding a Cloud Connector