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KB-3140: When waking from sleep / screensaver password, an Apple Remote Desktop user is able to see the user's Desktop while the actual user is still at the login screen.

Mac & PC Management Service ,  

12 April,16 at 11:09 AM

Applies to: Apple Remote Desktop on Mac OS X 10.7


A Mac is set to require a password when waking from sleep or screensaver, and ARD access has been enabled. 
Another user connects to the Mac via ARD while it is still in sleep/screensaver, at this point both the connected user and the actual user at the machine both see the same display.

If the actual user then wakes the system and selects the Switch User option, the views between the two users will now differ:

- For the person at the Mac, it shows their authentication prompt.
- For the person on ARD, it actually shows the user's Desktop and is able to have full access.

Why does this happen?


This is an Apple bug and can be reproduced with a completely local account and with no Centrify installation at all.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. On the Test machine log into the local account, set screensaver Hot Corner to activate.

2. In System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General > Enable: "Require password for sleep and screen saver [immediately]"

3. Activate screensaver via the Hot Corner.

4. Using Apple Remote Desktop from an Admin laptop, locate the Test Mac and select to Control it.

6. Press a key to activate the login window and click on the Switch User button.

7a. The Test Mac display swings to the login window displaying the available user accounts on the linen backdrop and Apple logo.

7b. ARD on the Admin laptop does not show the login window, but displays the local user's Desktop, and is able to manipulate objects.

Centrify has been notified that this has been submitted under to Apple under RADAR ID 14038841.

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