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KB-3075: How to avoid the warning messages: "The installation id is not configured. Use dacontrol to configure the installation id."

Auditing and Monitoring Service ,  

12 April,16 at 11:09 AM

Applies to: All versions of Centrify DirectAudit
How can the warning messages below in /var/log/centrifydc.log be avoided?:
dad[13129]: [ID 380619 auth.warning] WARN  <auditbg:run-queue> cda.scp The installation id is not configured. Use dacontrol to configure the installation id.
Running dacontrol shows:
[root@cusmna06 jvm]# dacontrol
The Installation has not been configured for this machine.
Error while getting available Installations: Unable to find any service information in Active Directory: No more

The warning messages mean that the installation has not been configured on this machine, and the warning messages can be safely ignored.
To get rid of these warning messages permanently, please follow one of the methods below:
1. If DirectAudit is not needed or not yet ready to configure, use the following GP to push the two commands to those machines: 
  Computer Configuration > Policies > Centrify Settings > Common UNIX Settings > "Specific commands to run"
  /usr/sbin/dacontrol -d
Since the above commands only need to be run once, disable the commands/GP after they have been applied on those machines (usually after 90-120 minutes). The warning messages will not be shown anymore.
2. If DirectAudit is needed or the installation is ready to configure, run command below to configure installation id:
# /usr/sbin/dacontrol -i <installation_name> 
Substitute the <installation_name> in question.
And then run below command to enable DirectAudit:
# /usr/sbin/dacontrol -e -a
Verify by running as root:
# /usr/bin/dainfo --diag