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KB-2913: Removing delegated rights of a group.

Authentication Service ,  

17 February,17 at 01:39 PM


Is there a way to remove a delegated right of a group or change a group from a delegated zone control?


Group A was delegated all rights on a zone, but now it only needs a single right (or for them to be removed altogether).



Although permissions can be delegated to a group, there is no way to revoke those delegated permissions.

For example

- Group X is delegated to be able to do Operation A.

- This requires Permissions P, Q and R on the Zone object.

- Group Y is delegated to be able to do operation B.

- This requires Permissions R and S. 

- People in Group X can do both Operation A and Operation B.

Now if some permissions are to be revoked, for example if now Group X should just do Operation A, but not Operation B.

If the permissions are revoked, it would also be removing the Permission P, Q and R on the Zone object. However, this would corrupt Operation B as well because Operation B requires the Permission R. Unfortunately, Active Directory does not keep track of the permission history on the objectSo there is no way to tell what permissions should be removed. 

This is not a Centrify limitation as the same behavior can also be found in the Delegation Wizard in ADUC.

Also Review:

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