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KB-2903: nmbd panicked Error = The socket name is not available on this system

12 April,16 at 11:21 AM


Applies to: Centrify-Enabled Samba 3.6.5-cdc-4.5.4-144 on AIX 7.1




After upgrading Centrify-Enabled Samba 3.5.11-cdc-4.5.3-571 to Centrify-Enabled Samba 3.6.5-cdc-4.5.4-144 on AIX 7.1 servers, it is found that the nmbd service doesn't always start and the /var/log/samba/log.nmbd file grows out of control significantly up to 4 GB in the var file system.  


The nmbd service doesn't shutdown when "stopsrc -g samba" is used.  The service hangs in a "stopping" state and eventually its PID has to be killed. Servers that are running the older version of Centrify-Enabled Samba 3.5.11 do not have this problem.   


Below is a typical error in the log.nmbd file:


Failed to open nmb bcast socket on interface for port 137, the error was "The socket name is not available on this system."


[2013/03/04 18:28:02, 0] lib/util_sock.c:667(open_socket_in) bind failed on port 137 socket_addr =  Error = The socket name is not available on this system.

[2013/03/04 18:28:02, 0] nmbd/nmbd_subnetdb.c:127(make_subnet) nmbd_subnetdb:make_subnet()




This occurs on AIX servers with two NICs (multi-homed) where en0 is connected to one IP (10.107.x.x) and en1 is connected to a private interconnect network (192.168.1.x).  From the smb.conf, it states that:


# On AIX, the service NMBD may fail to start because Samba

# cannot determine the correct IP subnet mask.

# In this case, you can manually specify the correct subnet mask.

# For example if you have the following configuration:


# Interface = eth0

# IP Address =

# Subnet mask =


# then set the interfaces keyword as follows:


# interfaces = eth0




Add the interfaces = en0 <ip_address>/<subnet> to the smb.conf and restart Centrify-Enabled Samba.  This tells Samba to only participate on the network en0 and not on the private network on en1.




N/A since this is part of Samba client.