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KB-2870: How to use the sample script from the DA SDK for archiving a Auditstore database.

Auditing and Monitoring Service ,  

12 April,16 at 11:42 AM

Applies to: Centrify DirectAudit 2.x

How to use the sample script from DA SDK for archiving Auditstore database?


DirectAudit SDK comes with a job rotation VBscript that could ease the process of archiving an active AuditStore database. 
Tasks includes creating a new AuditStore, setting it active and linking it to collectors.

1. Download "CentrifyDA-SDK-2.0.2-win" from the Centrify Support Portal.

2. Install the package on the Windows machine which hosts the DA Administrator Console

3. Bring up the command line console and change directory to the package folder, e.g.:
  cd c:\CentrifyDA-SDK-2.0.2-win

4. Run the script with 5 arguments:
  cscript.exe db_rotation_sql_script.vbs <installation-name> <audit-store-name> <sql-server-name> <audit-store-database-prefix-name>

5. Detach the AuditStore database from DA Console e.g:

  DirectAudit Administration -> CurrentInstallation -> Audit Stores -> Databases -> OldAuditStore (right-click) -> Detach

6. Detach the AuditStore database from SQL server e.g:

  ServerHostName -> Databases -> OldAuditStore (right-click) -> Tasks -> Detach

7. The OldAuditStore database can now be archived to another storage.