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KB-2856: Mac does not respond from sleep if it is left logged in overnight

Mac & PC Management Service ,  

12 April,16 at 11:08 AM

Applies to: Centrify DirectControl 5.0.3 and below on Mac OS X.


A Mac system is configured to go into sleep mode after a set interval.

If an AD user leaves the computer logged in and connected to the network overnight - then the next day they will not be able to log back into the system from sleep mode. The system stays stuck at the login screen with the cursor shown as a spinning beachball icon indefinitely.

If the user logs out first before allowing the computer to sleep, then the system can be woken up the next day and the AD user can login with no problems.


If an installed application queries DirectoryService directly, then it can trip a bug in the BESAgent and cause the system to freeze at the login. 

Currently the only application known to do this is the IBM Tivoli agent.

If debugging mode has been enabled, then the bug can be identified with the following methods: 

1. Search centrifydc.log for "waiting for session to become available" or for "-14292"

> Nov 25 03:47:56 comp-name DirectoryService[946]: DEBUG <doAttrValueSearchWithData 50B03402> dsplugin PooledCDCSession: waiting for session to become available 

> Nov 25 03:24:01 comp-name DirectoryService[946]: DEBUG dsplugin Handler failed: -14292

2. Search DirectoryService.debug.log for the string: "BESAgent" or "eDSAnyMatch"


None. The only resolution is to upgrade the Mac agent to Centrify 5.1.0 or higher.


This has been fixed in Centrify DirectControl 5.1.0

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