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KB-2816: How to convert classic zones to hierarchical zones using admigrate.

Authentication Service ,  

14 July,16 at 07:20 AM

Applies to: Centrify DirectControl 5.1 and newer versions
Is there a way to convert Centrify's classic zones (version 4.x) to Hierarchical zones (version 5.x)? 
admigrate is an adedit script or CLI for helping environments migrate from classic zones to Hierarchical zones.
Missing input zone
-in <dn of source classic zone> 
-z <dn of target zone>
-config <config file> 
[-hz <dn of parent zone>] 
[-f] [-v] [-n]
[-users] [-groups] [-nismaps] [-privileges]
-in <>  : Source zone dn to be converted. This should be a classic zone.
-z <>   : Target zone dn.
[-hz <>]: The parent zone of target zone. 
[-v]    : Verbose mode. Very useful in troubleshooting
[-n]    : No checking. 
[-f]    : Force creation. Delete existing target zone.
[-users]     : Migrate zone users
[-groups]    : Migrate zone groups
[-nismaps]   : Migrate nismap
[-privileges]: Migrate roles/commands/pam apps
[-config <>] : A Tcl file to bind to domains that will be used
Note: By default, it will migrate all.
Example of using admigrate:
The following command migrates the classic zone “finance” to a new hierarchical zone of the same name and sets this new zone as a child zone of the parent zone “global”. 
It uses the bind credentials in the ~/admigrate.txt file, and outputs verbose information to the migrate_finance.txt file.
/usr/share/centrifydc/adedit/admigrate \\
-in "cn=finance,cn=zones,ou=unix,dc=acme,dc=com" \\
-z "cn=finance,cn=global,cn=zones,ou=unix,dc=acme,dc=com" \\
-hz "cn=global,cn=zones,ou=unix,dc=acme,dc=com" \\
-config ~/admigrate.txt \\
-f -v >migrate_finance.txt
For further details, please refer to page 47-57 of the Centrify Admin Guide for UNIX: