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KB-2796: Some users are unable to access Centrify Samba shares

12 April,16 at 11:08 AM

Applies to:

All versions of Centrify DirectControl Samba


It is noticed that many Windows users are unable to access Centrify Samba shares. 
When \\servername\sharename is run, the following error message is shown: 

 The specified network name is not available

Centrify's was run multiple times and all Centrify Samba daemons are running. 
smbclient -k -L localhost is also failing on the Unix server. 

Is there any reason for this?

Snippet from Samba level 10 debug logs:

  Cache entry with key = IDMAP/SID2GID/S-1-5-32-545 couldn't be found
  Cache entry with key = IDMAP/SID2GID/S-1-5-32-544 couldn't be 
  Cache entry with key = IDMAP/SID2GID/S-1-5-32-544 couldn't be found
  smbd/error.c:error_packet_set(61)  error packet at smbd/reply.c(729) cmd=117 (SMBtconX)  NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME
  '/data/oy/data/Windows_Share' does not exist or permission denied when connecting to [Odyssey3_Admin] Error was Permission denied


There is a possibility that Centrify Samba has a stale cache of the user uid/gid.

Please try flushing the Samba cache by using the command:

net cache flush

This removes all the current items from the cache.

Afterwards, lock and unlock (using Control, Alt, Del) the windows machine and try to access the Centrify Samba shares again.

For more details, please see the man pages of Samba

Note: When installing a new version of Centrify-enabled samba and Centrify's adbindproxy, we recommend customers to run again to let new version take effect.

In running process, it will run `net cache flush`(if answer is "yes" to "Reset the Samba User/Group ID Cache (Centrify Samba may create conflicting mappings) [Y] :" ) and  samba server.