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KB-2748: Could not get the automounter direct map to work in CDC

Authentication Service ,  

12 April,16 at 11:13 AM


Applies to: All versions of Centrify DirectControl


Problem: does not work in the case of automounter direct map


Automounts such as auto.home and auto.apps work fine. 


The following link shows examples of an indirect automount map such as auto.home and a direct map such as 


Both methods are desired; for the Master Map, in order to use auto.home (auto_home for Solaris), the following syntax is used:


  /home auto_home


When using in conjunction with Centrify DirectControl, the syntax would be: 


  /home /etc/auto.home


Where a soft link from /etc/auto.home to /usr/share/centrifydc/etc/ would be applied.


For direct maps however, it is a little different. 


The Master Map for auto direct map is:


  /- auto_direct


(Note the /- which means take exactly whatever is specified in auto_direct file or map) maps were tried and did not work.





This is due to the limitation on the current version of the autofs function which automounter uses.


man 5 autofs notes that, "This version of the automounter supports direct maps stored in FILE, NIS, NISPLUS and LDAP only." 


The symlink to approach will NOT work for if it is a direct map. It has to be either a file, or using adnisd (NIS) will be considered.




None with the current version of the autofs



Workaround 1:


When importing the maps to the DC using Centrify's DirectManage console, both the auto.home maps as well as the maps are imported. The file uses ldap queries to mount auto.home, this should be the same for It looks like in the present form of, it will not work. 


One possibility is to create a startup script that will query the maps from DC using Centrify's The script should put it into the local machine's map and when the machine's autofs service starts, it will mount the entries in the map.



Workaround 2: can query AD zone nismap data to get the map into a local DBM cache, it can be modified to make /etc/ as a file for autofs to use. The consideration is to change this map on the AD side. It will require some procedures to update the cache (dbm files), then re-render the file, and notify autofs (or SIGHUP). This is a possibility as a cron job:


- Run the modified to refresh the cache.

- Generate a temporary list and compare against /etc/

- If nothing changes, use it as it is.

- Otherwise, refresh /etc/, and then do /etc/rc.d/init.d/autofs reload, or SIGHUP the automount daemon.


Please note, the workaround given above will not work with stock Solaris 8 Sparc, the workaround is to use the CDC 4.4.3 version of instead.  The version for CDC 5.x. is out dated.