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KB-2723: When migrating a database to another DirectAudit host, the database shows an "Unknown Problem" message

Auditing and Monitoring Service ,  

12 April,16 at 11:08 AM

Applies to: All versions of Centrify DirectAudit
With a DirectAudit database being migrated to another server, it needs to be attached to either a "Default Installation" or a "New Installation" of the new host with the same version of DA installed. 
But when selecting that database, an alert appears stating the "Validation Result" is an "Unknown Problem". 
Hence, the attached process in DA is stuck.


Possible reasons might be attributed to this:

1. The SQL server and DA are not sitting on the same host.
By default, TCP/IP is disabled in SQL Server.

2. When migrating a database to another SQL server, a trust is required in addition to permissions.

3. .NET Common Language Runtime(CLR) is disabled in SQL server by default. It may be required by some processes or procedures.

1. Bring up SQL Server Configuration Manager:

- Protocols for DIRECTAUDIT -> TCP/IP -> Enabled

- SQL Server 2005 Services -> Make sure all 3 services on the right pane are running.

2. Bring up the SQL server. Set TRUSTWORTHY attribute by running the following SQL statement:

use [UnixStore-2012-12-1];

3. Restart the SQL server

4. (Optional) If still doesn't work, please enable .NET Common Language Runtime(CLR) by running the statements below and then restart SQL server:

sp_configure 'clr enabled',1


sp_configure 'clr enabled'