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KB-2676: DirectAudit Store Database cannot connect: "You do not have permission to connect to the SQL server"

Auditing and Monitoring Service ,  

12 April,16 at 11:47 AM

Applies to: Centrify DirectAudit version 2.x and above


When 'dainfo --diag' is executed as root, the following error is noticed:

Dad's current state:  The agent is not connected to a Collector
Dad's current Installation: not configured
Error while finding Collectors and verifying connectivity: Unable to find any service information in Active Directory: No more

On the Windows machine running Collector, in the Centrify Collector ControlPanel, under 'Current Status', it shows:
  "The Audit Store Database is not connected"
  "You do not have permission to connect to the SQL server"

Why does this message show? 


Please check the following:


1. On the Windows machine where SQL server is setup, click Start -> Run -> 'services.msc' and confirm that the Collector service (DirectAudit 2012 Collector) is running under the Local System account.


2. On the DB server, check that there is a login for collector's machine account (it should look something like MACHINENAME$) and login should be enabled.


3. On the DB server, check that the above specified login account should be a member of the "Collector" database role on the Audit Store database.


4. The collector server and the database server should be part of the same AD forest.