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KB-2620: How to add a new database for the CentrifyDA Audit Store

Auditing and Monitoring Service ,  

6 July,15 at 05:27 AM

Applies to: CentrifyDirectAudit 2.x/3.x

How to add a new database for the CentrifyDA Audit Store?

1) Create a new SQL database and detach the old Database using DirectAudit Administrator Console. The Collector needs to be stopped momentarily.

For instructions on how to create the new SQL Database , please refer the documentation "Centrify DirectAudit Administrator Guide"  which can be downloaded from:

2) Add the new database to the Audit Store, using the Add Audit Database Wizard:

In the Audit Manager console , expand an audit store, right-click the Databases node, and choose Add Audit Store Database.

A single Audit Store database is designated for each Audit Store to receive newly captured audit data from collectors. 

After adding the new database and setting it as the active database, the collectors will start writing to the newly created database.

3) As a verification step, launch the Collector Panel and in the General Tab, verify the Current Audit Store and Current Database information.

- In the Troubleshooting tab, click on the Diagnostics to confirm if the system is configured correctly and is able to establish connection with the AuditStore and the database.