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KB-2606: DM does not download Solaris 10 SPARC packages with update 4 (2012.4)

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12 April,16 at 11:12 AM

Applies to:
All versions of Centrify Deployment Manager.
Why is Deployment Manager not downloading Solaris 10 SPARC packages with update 2012.4?
It is noticed that although there is no Solaris package for Update 4 but it should at least be downloading the Update 3 (2012.3) package.
This is expected behavior based on how 2012.4 is released.
Suite 2012.4 only contains RHEL 32 and 64bit platforms – only 2 bundles. This will automatically be fixed when we release Suite 2013 since it will contain all bundles. 
1) Uncheck the “Show only the latest software” box to download the 2012.3 packages as well.
2) If there were any platforms in addition to Red Hat Intel platforms selected and discovered for deployment, a popup that says "No Centrify Suite is available on the selected platforms." is shown. This will happen when there is not a single Suite that will work for all the platforms discovered (because of the mix of platforms selected and available bundles),
Centrify did not re-release all the platforms into the 2012.4: 
For example, the latest 2012.4 release is 5.0.4 for RH (and variants) and so only contains 2 RHEL bundles - centrify-suite-2012.4-rhel*.tgz.  
The remaining bundles in the suite are named centrify-suite-2012.3-*.tgz.
1) Select only the Red Hat Intel machines, then deploy them.
2) After that, select all other (non Red Hat Intel) platforms and deploy them
This works because 1) is covered by suite-2012.4 and 2) is covered by suite-2012.3