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KB-2575: You cannot connect to the SQL Server. Please make sure the SQL Server is running and allows remote connection.

Auditing and Monitoring Service ,  

19 May,17 at 11:47 PM

Applies to: Centrify DirectAudit version 2.x and above

When 'dainfo --diag' is executed as root, the following error is noticed:

Collectors servicing audit store '<AuditStore>':
   <Host's FQDN>
      Port: 5063
      SPN:  HOST/<Host's FQDN>@<Domain Name>

Attempting to connect to collectors: 
   Host: <Host's FQDN> - Error: Error while sending wrapped data: Connection refused

On the Windows machine running Collector, in the Centrify Collector ControlPanel, under 'Current Status', it shows:

  "The Audit Store Database is not connected"
  "The Collector is not able to use the database"
  "You cannot connect to the SQL Server. Please make sure the SQL Server is running and allows remote connection"

Why do these messages show? 

Please check the following: 

1. On the Windows machine where SQL server is setup, click:

  Start > All Programs > Microsoft SQL Server 200x > Configuration Tools > SQL Server Configuration Manager. 

Expand SQL Server 200x Network Configuration > double click Protocols for DIRECTAUDIT > Please make sure TCP/IP is Enabled

2. Click Start > Administrative Tools > Service, right-click on SQL Server (DIRECTAUDIT) to start/restart the server.

3. Check Trusted Collectors is correctly configured in Audit Store and any Allowed incoming Collectors in the database.

4. The collector server and the database server should be part of the same AD forest.

5. See if the AD domain name matches the issue described in:

KB-2516: Centrify DirectAudit fails to resolve the Fully Qualified Domain Name for the SQL server


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