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KB-2503: How to place an URL in the Mac Dock via GP.

Mac & PC Management Service ,  

12 April,16 at 11:37 AM

Applies to: All versions of Centrify DirectControl for Mac OS X.


The "Place Documents and Folders in Dock" and "Place Applications in Dock" GPs do not work for internet URLs, they just show a question mark on the Dock. 

Can internet links be placed in the Mac Dock via GP?


There are two methods to achieve this:

Method A: Using a Login Script

  • The scripting hints provided in this KB are provided as a proof-of-concept only. 
  • Centrify Support does not cover custom-scripting - please contact Centrify Professional Services for further assistance with scripts.
  1. Download the attached login script and open it with a UNIX capable text editor.
    • (Notepad++ is recommended on Windows systems, do not use notepad.exe)
  2. Change the LINK_URL and LINK_TITLE variables to the desired link and icon title. 
    • Make sure to keep them wrapped in the single quotes.
  3. Save the script to the SYSVOL folder on the AD server:
    • \\ [domain] \SYSVOL\ [domain] \scripts\ 
    • User-added image
  4. Set up the Login Script GP at: 
    • User Configuration / Centrify Settings / Mac OS X Settings / Scripts / "Specify multiple login scripts"
      • Enter the filename of the script only:
      • The "Parameters" field can be left blank.
    • User-added image

Method B: Using a "Template Dock"
  1. Login as Local Admin and follow the Apple KB article to add an URL link to the Dock:
  2. Copy out the plist from the location:
    • ~/Library/Preferences/
    • User-added image
  3. Paste this "template" plist to the AD server:
    • \\ [domain] \SYSVOL\ [domain] \plist\ 
    • User-added image
  4. Enable the "Import plist" GP and add the plist "" (Only the filename is needed)
    • User Configuration / Centrify Settings / Mac OS X Settings / Import Settings / "Import plist Setting" 
    • User-added image

  • Using either method, to allow the GP to take affect immediately, go to the Mac as the AD user, open up Terminal and run the command:
    • adgpupdate
  • Logout and log back in as an AD user, the URL icon will appear on the Dock:
    • User-added image

  • It was discovered that in some builds of OS X 10.7, the default link icon was not present in the package - resulting in a working link, but with blank icon on the Dock
  • If needed, the attached image resource (url.png) can also be deployed via Group Policy to populate the link icon on the Dock:
    • Use the Copy File GP: 
      • Computer Configuration / Centrify Settings / Common UNIX Settings / "Copy files" 
    • Destination location: 
      • /System/Library/CoreServices/ 

To place an internet link on the user's Desktop instead, please see:

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