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KB-2468: adfixid --restart fails

Authentication Service ,  

12 April,16 at 11:09 AM

Applies to: All versions of Centrify DirectControl
The Centrify CLI adfixid --restart command is not working as expected. 
It worked originally when an initial test was run, but restart only fixed the files that had changed since last time. 
The data is resynced (rsync) over to the Raid assuming that it would just do a --restart and re-run the command. A groupmap file is used. The original run updated over 660,000 files, then only updated about 138,000 files, and it will continue running. Even when run on a specific folder, it does nothing (after --restart). 
The commands used: 
#adfixid --commit --groupmap ./mapfile-hhcc.txt /color 
#adfixid --restart 
The below commands were also attempted.
#adfixid --restart --groupmap ./mapfile-hhcc.txt /color 
#adfixid -R --groupmap ./mapfile-hhcc.txt /color 
adfixid was also attempted on a subfolder of /color, but made no difference. 
It still doesn't change the group permissions even though a non-commit run shows the correct mapping conflicts. 
Is there any reason for this?
adfixid will not do "the commit or a commit all" as the CLI only restarts where it left off & will simply report that it found conflicts. This is by design. 
If --restart flag still wants to be used, the journal which adfixid uses to keep track will need to be removed.
The location of the file is /etc/centrifydc/adfixid.log.
adfixid -V --restart >& /home/napc/CENTRIFY/Restart-post.out 
commit: false 
commitAll : false 
reportFiles: 0 
userMapFile: 0 
groupMapFile: 0 
newIDRange: 50000 ..60000 
follow: false 
xdev: false 
restart: true 
undo: false 
debug: false 
verbose: true 
directories (1)