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KB-24359: Chrome Browser Hangs When Accessing a Federated Tenant

Privileged Access Service ,  

18 February,20 at 11:24 PM

Problem: After setting up a business partner federation between two cloud tenants, it is found that when trying to access the Centrify tenant using the B2B app, the page won't load, or the browser hangs. This only happens when using the Chrome web browser. Other common web browsers do not exhibit the issue. The tenant is reachable over the network and the browser cache/cookies have been cleared. Also, the issue may be noticed after a Centrify tenant gets split into an Idaptive tenant and a Centrify tenant.

User-added image

Example Scenario. Two tenants are federated. One tenant is an Identity Provider (IDP) and one is a Service Provider (SP). Customer logs into the IDP tenant and connects to the SP tenant using the Centrify B2B app as shown in the image above. The URL of the IDP Tenant is the following:

Cause: Chrome web browser will make calls to Centrify Identity Services APIs. If calls are made from an untrusted domain, the call will fail.

Solution: Add the IDP Tenant URL to the SP Tenant, using the following path:

Settings > Authentication > Security Settings > API Security > Specify trusted DNS domains for API calls:

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