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KB-2429: Unable to analyze AIX 7.x Server using Deployment Manager.

Authentication Service ,  

12 April,16 at 11:11 AM

Applies to: All versions of Centrify Deployment Manager.
Deployment Manager fails to analyze and reports a string error on an AIX server 7.x running CDC 4.x. 
Manual installs work fine.
The catalog/manifest file was manually imported and the latest version of Centrify Suite 2012 downloaded. 
The already downloaded packages were also deleted from the location below:
Is there any reason for this?
See below:
------ Start running adcheck ------
os: aix
os ver: aix7.1
dc count: 2
Execute ls /usr/share/centrifydc/bin/adcheck Result =0
Execute /usr/share/centrifydc/bin/adcheck --xml
/tmp/adcheckDMoutput -t os -t ad -b 2 Result =3
OSCHK : Is operating system supported? : Failed
: This version of AIX is not supported
: Please check for a list of supported operating systems
PERL : Verify perl is present and is a good version : Pass
SAMBA : Inspecting samba installation : Pass
SPACECHK : Check if has enough disk space in /var /usr /tmp : Pass
NSHOSTS : Check hosts line in /etc/netsvc.conf : Pass
DNSPROBE : Probe DNS server : -\|/-\|/-\|/-\|/-\|/-\|/-Pass
DNSPROBE : Probe DNS server : \|/-\|/-\|/-\|/-\|/-\|/-\Pass
DNSCHECK : Analyze basic health of DNS servers : Pass
WHATSSH : Is this an SSH that DirectControl works well with : Pass
SSH : SSHD version and configuration : Pass
DOMNAME : Check that the domain name is reasonable : Pass
ADDC : Find domain controllers in DNS : Pass
ADDNS : DNS lookup of DC : |/Pass
ADPORT : Port scan of DC : -\|/-\|/-\|/-Pass
ADDNS : DNS lookup of DC : \|Pass
ADPORT : Port scan of DC : /-\|/-\|/-\|/Pass
ADDNS : DNS lookup of DC : -\Pass
GCPORT : Port scan of GC : |/-Pass
ADDNS : DNS lookup of DC : \|Pass
GCPORT : Port scan of GC : /-\Pass
DCUP : Check DCs in : Pass
SITEUP : Check DCs for in our site : Pass
DNSSYM : Check DNS server symmetry : |/-\Pass
ADSITE : Check that this machine's subnet is in a site known by AD : Pass
GSITE : See if we think this is the correct site : Pass
TIME : Check clock synchronization : Pass
1 serious issue was encountered during check. This must be fixed before proceeding
Execute [ -s /tmp/adcheckDMoutput ] Result =0
Execute cat /tmp/adcheckDMoutput Result =0
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<host name="dev-timtds-ux01" os="AIX" version="7.1">
<address ip="" />
<hostname host="" />
<result test="OSCHK" desc="Is operating system supported?" result="3">
<comment><![CDATA[This version of AIX is not supported]]></comment>
<comment><![CDATA[ Please check for a list of supported
operating systems]]></comment>
3001-803 Cannot contact the secldapclntd daemon.
Version string portion was too short or too long.
Source: Centrify.DeploymentManager
Type: System.ArgumentException
Message: Version string portion was too short or too long.
Help link: 
The system already had Centrify DirectControl 4.x (which does not support AIX 7) and upgraded the OS first to 7.x, leaving the agent behind. This is safe to do so, however Deployment Manager used the adcheck already present on the AIX server - which is not 7.x aware (Note: Support for AIX is included from CDC 5.x). It is recommended to always download and use the latest version of adcheck from

As a workaround, customers can rename or remove /usr/share/centrifydc/bin/adcheck so that DM will launch the latest adcheck and the analysis will proceed correctly.
On a fresh build of AIX 7.x with no Centrify agent installed, DM will not report this issue (version unknown or unsupported).