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KB-2397: DA Auditor replayer does not replay a captured Windows XP session running in 8 bit color mode

Auditing and Monitoring Service ,  

12 April,16 at 11:09 AM

Applies to: Centrify DirectAudit 2.0 or below on Windows XP platforms.
While attempting to capture a Windows XP session with DA, the session is captured but the replay window shows a black screen during the replay. Is there any reason?

This is a known issue in our Replayer code that the Replayer couldn't replay the 8-bit color session correctly.
It is requested to use 16-bit color depth and here are what need to be set:
1) Make sure the agent configuration is set to 16-bit color depth.
2) Make sure the desktop color depth is 16-bit color depth.
3) Make sure the remote desktop settings is also using 16-bit color depth.
To adjust the color depth in Windows XP Sp3.
1) Right click on the desktop and select properties.
2) Click on the 'Settings' tab
3) In the Color Quality section select the required Option.

* By default XP install only shows 16 bit and 32bit. If 8 bit is not shown, please follow the below steps
4) Click on the Advanced button below the color quality section
5) Click the Adapter tab
6) Click the 'List all Modes' button
7) This should be changed to select a 16 bit color mode instead a of a 256 color mode (8-bit).
8) Click ok buttons until back to the desktop screen.
After changing the color depth up to 16-bit on both the workstation and RDP session, everything should record now as expected.


This is fixed in Centrify DirectAudit 2.0.2 and above.