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KB-2387: Not able to startup SAP with Centrify SAP SNC plug-in on HPUX with error " The specified authentication mechanism is unsupported. "

12 April,16 at 11:07 AM

Applies to:

SAP 720 on HPUX


Not able to startup SAP with Centrify-enabled SAP plug-in on HPUX with error in dev log:


N *** ERROR => SncPDLInit(): gss_indicate_mechs() failed [sncxxdl.c 493] 
N *** ERROR => SncPDLInit(()==SNCERR_INIT [sncxxdl.c 488] 
N GSS-API(maj): The specified authentication mechanism is unsupported. 
N STOP! -- initial call to gss_indicate_mechs() failed 
N *** ERROR => SncPDLInit()==SNCERR_INIT, Adapter #1
(/usr/share/centrifydc/lib/hpux64/ not loaded [sncxxdl.c 639]



This is caused by a HPUX bug. SAP version 7.2 started calls routines that pull in the dce libraries before invoking snckrb 
routines.  As a result, when snckrb routines are invoked, it will call the krb5 libraries from DCE libraries, not the Centrify provided krb5 libraries.


Centrify introduced the -B directive in the attached library to workaround this problem.
Please download the attachment in this KB and extract the zip file. Then backup and replace the following file:



If you get the following error while starting up SAP 720 with our, please download the attachment and replace the file again:

N *** ERROR => SncPGSSImportName()==SNCERR_GSSAPI [sncxxall.c 2630]
N GSS-API(maj): An invalid name was supplied
N GSS-API(min): Can't open/find configuration file (dce / krb)
N Import of a name failed

This error is due to previous version of that resulted in the inability to resolve some of the symbols by the Centrify krb5 library. Centrify has fixed this with the attached to this KB.