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KB-2386: dzdo (DirectAuthorize) reports 'command not found'

Authentication Service ,  

12 April,16 at 11:31 AM

After setting up rights and roles in DirectManage Access Manager,  the command dzdo followed by the privileged command results in 'command not found'. From dzinfo output, privileged command is enabled for the zone and the user in question is added to the role.
For example: The command esxcfg-firewall was created as a privilege command with standard system path /usr/sbin with all other settings set as default. The user in question was added to the role that contained the privilege command. The command dzinfo username showed the role was in place. Why does "dzdo esxcfg-firewall show command not found.

On the server, the command esxcfg-firewall is located in /usr/sbin and is available readily in the path for the root user but not for Centrify users.  This can be confirmed by typing which esxcfg-firewall and it will display /usr/sbin/esxcfg-firewall
If the command esxcfg-firewall is not available in the profile path for the Centrify user, DirectControl will throw the error command not found when dzdo esxcfg-firewall is executed. This is normal behavior. Centrify users will need to prefix the full path like dzdo esxcfg-firewall command or make it available in the profile path (.cshrc or .profile depending on the shell which Centrify user is using).
Note: esxcfg-firewall is not a Centrify command and was used as an example. This KB holds good for other privilege commands 'not found in the path'.