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KB-2378: Nothing returned when querying Users and Groups from Netapp through Centrify Ldapproxy

Authentication Service ,  

28 October,13 at 12:48 PM


When using Netapp to query for Users and Groups through Centrify LDAP proxy, no information is returned due to an
"attribute not found" error.


When Netapp tries to query user information, it will also query the "userPassword" attribute. This attribute should be mapped to _userPassword and associate with the posixAccount class in Centrify Ldap Proxy

However, by default this is associated with shadowAccount class instead in the file.

This causes the whole query to fail with an "attribute not found" exception.


Add the following lines into the file:

# Add userPassword to posixAccount for NAS Netapp support
posixAccount.userPassword: _userPassword

netapp*> getXXbyYY getpwbyname_r clyde

pw_name = clyde

pw_passwd = {clear}NP

pw_uid = 1296041299, pw_gid = 1296041299

pw_gecos = Clyde Baum

pw_dir = /home/clyde

pw_shell = /bin/bash



netapp*> getXXbyYY getpwbyuid_r 503

pw_name = tetsu

pw_passwd = {clear}NP

pw_uid = 503, pw_gid = 503

pw_gecos = Tetsu Ishii

pw_dir = /home/tetsu

pw_shell = /bin/bash



(Because the above example is only for identity mapping, there is no Hash stored in AD and the passwd is seen as blank "{clear}NP" )