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KB-2356: Unable to print from Mac OS X if there are spaces in the printer name

Mac & PC Management Service ,  

6 May,16 at 03:52 PM

Applies to: All versions of Centrify DirectControl on Mac OS X
It appears that printers configured using the Centrify-authenticated-printer-plugin will not print if there is a space in the printer name. 
When trying to print from such a path; the document gets stuck on "On Hold":
Type = Windows Printer via Centrify DirectControl 
Device = Another Device 
URL = cdcsmb:// 
URL = cdcsmb:// 
Name = PS-8301-MFD 
Location = 8th Floor 
Print Using = Xerox ColorQube 9202 
Using IP address of the printer works fine.
Why does this happen?
At the time of writing, it is not clear if this is an Apple bug or a Centrify printer plugin issue.
  1. On Mac running the Centrify agent, open a browser and type http://localhost:631 to open the CUPS Administrator page.
    (CUPS is a print server with a web-interface which allows for deeper options that the Print & Fax preferences does not contain. Printer Sharing must be enabled in the System Preferences first before accessing the link at: http://localhost:631)

    For more info on CUPS, please see:
  2. Choose "Add a printer".
  3. Login with suitable credentials (Any user who has lpadmin privileges; local admin will also work)
  4. Add Printer.
  5. Choose Under Other Printers - Windows printer via Centrify DirectControl.


    The printer name can have braces and spaces here as shown below:

  6. Continue
  7. Name: mytest (Choose any name)
  8. Select the make and model of the printer.
  9. Complete the rest of the screen/wizard.
  10. Attempt a print job and it should now work.
Note: The above steps will not work if the printer is added using System Preferences > Printer and Faxes; it will be greyed out.
For more info on Centrify Printing on Mac OS X, please see pg39-45 and also pg199-200 of the Centrify Admin Guide for Mac:
For an alternative method of setting up printers on Mac OS X with specific drivers (instead of generic drivers), please see the following KB:
  • KB-2629: How to install printer-specific drivers via Group Policy.

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