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KB-2313: Enabling "Do not require Kerberos Preauthentication Kerberos Preauthentication" causes adclient to crash

Authentication Service ,  

12 April,16 at 11:11 AM

Applies to: Centrify DirectControl 5.0.5 or below on RedHat 6.2


In Active Directory Users and Computers console, Account options "Do not require Kerberos Preauthentication" is checked in user's profile.

User-added image

Attempting to ssh into a RedHat 6.2 serverĀ as this user will stall the session and eventually cause adclient to disconnect, following messages can be captured from debug log:

Jan 17 15:34:06 host adclient[2961]: DEBUG <fd:28 PAMVerifyPassword > dns.findkdc KDC locator for
Jan 17 15:34:52 host sshd[29990]: Invalid user rlevin1 from 123.456.789.123
Jan 17 15:34:52 host cdcwatch[2962]: ERROR cdcwatch detected adclient is not running properly (ping took 30 seconds)
Jan 17 15:35:21 host adclient[30042]: DEBUG <fd:27 PAMVerifyPassword > dns.findkdc KDC locator for
Jan 17 15:40:11 host cdcwatch[30043]: DEBUG lrpc.session New socket 8 (142709)
Jan 17 15:40:41 host cdcwatch[30043]: DEBUG cdcwatch signalling adclient[30042] with SIGABRT


Uncheck "Do not require Kerberos Preauthentication" option in ADUC for target user.


This has been fixed in Centrify DirectControl 5.1.0 and above.