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KB-2211: ERROR cdcwatch detected adclient is not running properly

Authentication Service ,  

2 February,17 at 04:58 PM

Applies to:
All versions of Centrify DirectControl.
What does the below message mean?. 
ERROR cdcwatch detected adclient is not running properly
Cdcwatch is the watch dog spawned by adclient (Centrify's main daemon) on starting up to watch itself. Should adclient go down for some reason, cdcwatch will attempt to restart it.
cdcwatch will make a connection to adclient every 20 seconds and wait for reply. If it does not hear a reply after 30 seconds, it issues SIGABRT 9 (On Posix-compliant platforms, SIGABRT is the signal sent to a process to tell it to abort) i.e. to terminate adclient, and then tries to start a new adclient process. 
Enabling the watchdog is governed by a couple of parameters
Frequency: (20 sec) 
Timeout: (30 sec) 
There are 2 other parameters: (5 min) - cdcwatching starts pinging cycle. (10 min)  - this is how long cdcwatch will keep trying. After this time, it also gives up. At this point manual intervention would be required. 
Note: adinfo will report Centrify mode: down if adclient is completely down.