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KB-2162: What is the effect of NIS maps settings in AD?

Authentication Service ,  

12 April,16 at 11:45 AM

Applies to:  All version of Centrify DirectControl on all OSes




Do adclient or adnisd treat maps any differently based on their "type"? 


For example, a map that is given a particular type in DirectControl (such as Netgroup) will trigger the system to generate the appropriate derived maps (such as netgroup.byuser and netgroup.byhost). 


Maps selected as "generic" will generate no derived maps at all. In the NIS administration guide, the derived maps would be generated for "recognized" map types. 


Does that mean that flagging maps with the appropriate type in DirectControl, this could also mean automatic recognition based on the map name or a combination of both?




On the console side, three special kinds of maps are recognised based on format:

- automount

- automaster

- netgroup


Others are considered generic - as their formats are generic (key value alias...).  


On the adnisd side, Centrify adnisd recognizes certain special names (NIS nickname) - for example, on seeing a map called hosts, it will automatically generate hosts.byname, and hosts.byaddr.  This is done for services, hosts, ethers, rpc, protocols, network and mail (mail.aliases).


Other names are simple and only treated as is and passwd and group are automatically generated from zone content. 

Those two are intrinsic to adclient and adnisd.