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KB-2139: Access denied when browsing symlinks outside the Samba share.

12 April,16 at 11:02 AM

Applies to:
Centrify-Enabled samba 3.5.5-cdc-4.5.0-450 or above on Redhat Linux

After upgrading to Centrify-Enabled Samba, the user cannot browse any symlinks outside the share and the prompt returns "Access Denied".

The following can be found in the samba log:


    [2011/09/07 11:18:29.204622,  2] smbd/vfs.c:967(check_reduced_name)
    [2011/09/07 11:18:29.204627, 10] ../lib/util/util.c:278(_dump_data)
      smb_vwv[ 2]=    0 (0x0)
      smb_vwv[ 3]=    2 (0x2)
      check_reduced_name: Bad access attempt: log/desktop.ini is a symlink outside the share pat

    seems like the wide links parameter does not work
    [2011/09/07 11:18:54.722166,  0] param/loadparm.c:9924(widelinks_warning)
      Share 'public' has wide links and unix extensions enabled. These parameters are incompatible. Wide links will be disabled for this share


This is caused by a security release where the "wide links" parameter is conflicting with the "unix extensions" parameter.

In /etc/samba/smb.conf, set:

unix extensions = no

And set:

wide links = yes

under the share section.

Restart samba with:

/etc/init.d/centrifydc-samba restart