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KB-2099: Deployment Manager shows only the adcheck packages but not the agents itself

Authentication Service ,  

12 April,16 at 11:07 AM

Applies to:

All versions of Centrify Deployment Manager. 


When using Deployment Manager, the below issue is observed after following these steps.

1) Open DM, add a computer, clicking on "Download software" and select download from local or network drive.

2) Point it the DM agents installer bundle (which contain all agents and product catalog ISO)  and click next.

3) After step 2, the list only shows the adcheck packages for download but not the agent itself.

Is there any reason?


This is by design. You need to import the manifest following the below steps before you can use the agent bundle.

When you download Centrify software from the Centrify Download Center, Deployment Manager reads a manifest, or product catalog file, to determine which packages are available and appropriate to download for your particular machines. The manifest is stored locally in the Deployment Manager repository and the most current copy is stored on the Centrify Support site. 

To update to the latest manifest file, you can download a copy of the manifest from a machine with internet access, copy it to a location accessible by the Deployment Manager, and then import it.

To import a copy of the Centrify Product Catalog:

a) On a machine with internet access, go to:

b) When the dialog appears, click Save to save the file. Specify a location that is accessible by the machine running Deployment Manager, or save locally, then copy it to a Deployment Manager-accessible location.

c) In Deployment Manager, select the root node, then click Action > Import Centrify Product Catalog. Navigate to the location in which you saved the product catalog file, select the file, centrify-product-catalog-offline.xml, and click Open.

d) Click OK when you see the confirmation message.

e) After performing the above steps, DM should be able to see all the packages. Also when downloading the agents from support site, customers should not gunzip/unzip/untar the tgz file.

Note: With latest DM 2.1 release notes, you can  find the relevant description:

Please note that Deployment Manager requires the product catalog to be imported first before using the "Download Software" feature. For example, if you download the    software bundles from the Centrify Suite ISO into a local or network drive which is then specified as the software location, Deployment Manager will detect only the adcheck packages if the product catalog is not imported yet.