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KB-2093: How to determine the correct version of Centrify when downloading from the Support Portal.

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12 April,16 at 11:11 AM

Applies to: All versions of Centrify DirectControl.
On the Support download page, Centrify uses 20xx (where 'x' stands for year of release) to identify its products while the installed versions of agent and console show version numbers as 4.x.y (where 'x' stands for major release and 'y' for minor release). 
How does a customer know which version to download and install?.
The command for determine the version of Centrify DirectControl on the Unix/Mac machine is:
 #adinfo -v 
Where 'v' stands for version. 
On Centrify DirectControl Console on a Windows machine, the version is displayed in Help > About > DirectControl Management console. 
In both cases, Centrify uses version numbers like 4.x.y-build where the number after the dot (.) refers to the major number and minor numbers. 'Build' is mainly for internal usage.
For example:
a) On a Centrify Unix server, typing the below command as root will show:
bash-3.00# adinfo -v
adinfo (CentrifyDC 4.4.3-424)
b) On a Windows 64-bit machine, going to Help, About, DirectControl Management console will show:
This translates to Centrify DirectControl 2011.3 on the download section of portal.
Please see the below link which shows the version level numbers for the products included within each release of the Centrify Suite