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KB-2063: Unable to see the new Centrify group policies after upgrading CDC console using setup.exe

Mac & PC Management Service ,  

12 April,16 at 11:07 AM

Applies to:

Centrify DirectControl Console 4.4.3 (build 442) only


It is observed that after downloading the iso or zip file for Centrify DirectManage Tools ( or and when using "setup.exe" to  upgrade Centrify DirectControl console from existing version to the new version, it is noticed that console version still remains the same. The installer will not run and return a window indicating that there is no need for any updates. As a result, adding the new xml templates for Centrify Group Policies for Mac OSX 10.7 does not seem to have any effect. Is there any reason?


There is a known issue when clicking "setup.exe" under  the extracted folder \Admin_Tools64, Centrify will NOT upgrade to the new version of Centrify DirectControl console. Customers are advised to use "CentrifyDC_Console-4.4.3-win64.exe"  which will detect the old version and upgrade to the latest version. After this process, customers can add the templates as follows.

If you are using the Group Policy Management Console:

1) Select the existing Group Policy Object to which you want to add Centrify DirectControl policies.

2) Right-click, then click Edit to open the Group Policy Object Editor.

3) Open the Computer Configuration and select Centrify Settings.

4) Right-click, then click Add/Remove Templates.

5) In the Add/Remove Templates dialog box, click Remove to remove the old templates.

6) Go back to step 3) and add templates by navigating to the directory that contains the Centrify DirectControl centrifydc_settings.xml administrative
template. By default, administrative templates are located in the following local directory: C:\Program Files\Centrify\Centrify DirectControl\group

7) Select the centrifydc_settings.xml file, click Open to add this template to the list of Current Policy Templates, then click Close. 

Note: When you add a template, such as centrifydc_settings.xml, if it includes both computer and user configuration policies, you can add it to Centrify Settings under Computer Configuration or under User Configuration, and both user and computer settings are added to Centrify
DirectControl. However, centrifydc_settings.xml currently does not have any user configuration settings. Other administrative templates can be added to control other settings, such as Macintosh system preferences (centrify_mac_settings.xml), if they apply to your environment.

8) To verify if the new xml templates are added for Mac OS 10.7, look under User configuration,  Centrify Configuration, Mac OSX Settings,  Mobility Setting and you should see a new section for Mac OS X 10.7 or go to Help, About DirectControl Management console and you should see

Note: Centrify will be fixing this bug in future releases of the product.

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