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KB-20567: How to avoid losing video data from DirectAudit and Windows Agent?

PC Auditing and Monitoring Service ,  

8 April,20 at 03:29 PM

Question: How to avoid losing video data from DirectAudit and Windows Agent?

With the Centrify Agent for Windows version 19.6 and later, the Audit and Monitoring Service uses a different compression library to compress the video data being sent from the agent to the collector. As a result, this agent is NOT compatible with audit collector versions 18.11 or earlier. IMPORTANT: You will lose video data if you deploy the newer agents in an environment with older collectors. Audit trail events and indexed events lists are not affected in this situation.Because of this incompatibility and risk of data loss, you MUST upgrade all of your collectors to the latest version BEFORE you upgrade the agents to 19.6.As a reminder, before you upgrade the collectors you must first upgrade the database schema.

So, to summarize, here’s the order in which you upgrade the audit components: 
  1. Upgrade the database.
  2. Upgrade the collectors.
  3. Upgrade the agents.

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