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KB-2012: How to integrate Hadoop with Centrify?

Authentication Service ,  

12 April,16 at 11:07 AM

Hadoop has native support for Kerberos, and is distributed using Cloudera which comes with a guide on setting up Hadoop with Kerberos here: 
The below link was provided as a courtesy. Centrify will not take any responsibility if these links are unavailable over time as its coming from vendor.
On Step 4: Create and Deploy the Kerberos Principals and Keytab Files:
It seems like this can be achieved using Centrify's adkeytab command but there appears to be issues. 
The basics of the Hadoop setup is as follows: 
Each host is already 'Centrified' for authentication against the realm, and users are logging in successfully. 
According to the Hadoop security documentation, there needs to be 3 service accounts on each host: 
- hdfs
- mapred
- yarn
Each of these service accounts should have a separate keytab file containing the service account principal and the 'host' principal.
For example on there should be a keytab file at /etc/hadoop/conf/hdfs.keytab containing keys for:
The /etc/hadoop/conf/yarn.keytab file should contain:
The same for the mapred user and for all the other hosts in the cluster. 
What commands can be used by Centrify to achieve what is required by Hadoop?

Please follow the steps below:
1. Set the following parameters in /etc/centrifydc/centrifydc.conf
adclient.krb5.service.principals: http ftp cifs nfs mapred yarn hdfs 
adclient.krb5.password.change.interval: 0 
2. Rejoin the domain to have the mapred, yarn and hdfs service added to SPN by: 
adleave -r 
adjoin <please fill in your adjoin syntax> 
  adjoin mba.local -z test -c "mba.local/Unix/servers" 
3. Create the service accounts for mapred, yarn and hdfs on one box (This can then be copied over to other boxes and merged): 
adkeytab --new -c <container> -K <keytab file location> -u <AD account that can create new account> <account> 
  adkeytab --new -c "mba.local/Users" -K /tmp/mapred.keytab -u administrator mapred 
  adkeytab --new -c "mba.local/Users" -K /tmp/yarn.keytab -u administrator yarn 
  adkeytab --new -c "mba.local/Users" -K /tmp/hdfs.keytab -u administrator hdfs 
4. Pack the service account keytab and deploy this to all the other hosts:
  tar -cf /tmp/service_keytab.tar /tmp/mapred.keytab /tmp/hdfs.keytab /tmp/yarn.keytab 
5. Deploy the tar file to each host and untar the file in /tmp 
*Repeat the next steps 6-8 for each host 
6. Copy the system default keytab into /tmp to perform the keytab merge:
cp /etc/krb5.keytab /tmp/ 
7. Use ktutil to perform the merge:
  rkt krb5.keytab 
  rkt mapred.keytab 
  wkt mapred.merged.keytab 
  rkt krb5.keytab 
  rkt yarn.keytab 
  wkt yarn.merged.keytab 
  rkt krb5.keytab 
  rkt hdfs.keytab 
  wkt hdfs.merged.keytab 
8. Copy the merged keytab to the destination folder and change the name:
  cp /tmp/mapred.merged.keytab /etc/hadoop/conf/mapred.keytab 
  cp /tmp/hdfs.merged.keytab /etc/hadoop/conf/hdfs.keytab 
  cp /tmp/yarn.merged.keytab /etc/hadoop/conf/yarn.keytab 
9. Clean up the keytabs in /tmp 
  rm *keytab 
10. Verify that kinit -kt works 
  /usr/share/centrifydc/kerberos/bin/kinit -kt /etc/hadoop/conf/hdfs.keytab hdfs