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KB-19542: Steps to prepare URL changes for Centrify Clients 19.4 or below

Privileged Access Service ,  

3 September,19 at 09:52 AM

Applies to: Centrify Agent for Linux and Windows version 19.4 or below


The tenant migration of Application and Endpoint services from the Centrify cloud to Idaptive cloud is expected to occur the first of October 2019.  As part of the Idaptive tenant spin-out, the tenant URL for Centrify cloud services will change from to centrify.netCentrify Clients 19.5 or higher support transparent tenant split, which no configuration changes, re-enroll or restart is required. However, for older versions it is required to unenroll, re-enroll with the new URL settings or changing the URL setting manually if upgrade to Centrify Clients 19.5 version is not an option.


For continued functionality, clients must follow either of the below actions:
  • unenrolled and re-enrolled (using --force option) with the new tenant URL
  • Client settings must be updated as follows:
Update the file /var/centrify/cloud/kset.user and replace the "Cloud" value with the updated URL, followed by restarting the agent. No unenroll/re-enroll needed.   
                         18.11 Client:
                             ---Original-Value "Cloud":"https:// <tenant>"
                             ---New-Value      "Cloud":https:// <tenant>

                          19.4 Client:
                               ---Original-Value "ServiceURI":"https:// <tenant>"
                               ---New-Value      "ServiceURI":https:// <tenant>”
  1. Edit Registry "HKLM/SOFTWARE/Centrify/Agent/ – ServiceURI" to use <tenant>, then perform  
  2. Using powershell/cmd and run
"cagent -operation stop"
"cagent -operation start"

*Note that enrollment of Centrify client by a federated user is not currently supported.  Customers must use enrollment codes or enroll by a user who is not federated.