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KB-1922: Unable to publish collector or manage publication from DA Manager

Auditing and Monitoring Service ,   Authentication Service ,   Mac & PC Management Service ,  

12 April,16 at 11:45 AM

Applies to:

All versions of Centrify DirectAudit


When publishing collector or doing manage publication, the following errors are observed in the console logs. In addition, its not possible to publish collector or manage publication from DA manager.


1) [ <Unnamed thread> | 2/21/2011 4:54:39 PM ] [ Error       ] Error dialog box: Failed to republish collectors to Active Directory.


2) ] Detail: System.ApplicationException: Cannot load the publishing location for this database at domain ''.


3)  [ <Unnamed thread> | 2/21/2011 4:54:39 PM ] [ Error       ] Failed to get directory object by id



This means someone deleted the scp object and you need to re-create the same using the below procedure. Note: You need to have sufficient privileges to execute the below steps.


1) Fire up  Microsoft's ADSIedit tool, login and navigate to Program Data, Centrify, Zones, the Zone in question where DirectAudit scp was located earlier (Note: this is the default location and it can vary)


2)  Right click on the zone, and choose new object, and choose "service connection point". Give it any name.


3) Right click on the newly created object in step 2) and go to properties. Note down the "objectGUID"  value. Its a long string which you need to copy it down as you would need it in the step below. If you have ldp tool, you can get it from there too (to avoid typo errors).


4) In the same place, edit the "keyword attribute" and add version:CimsDatabaseVersion1 (note: its case sensitive)


5) Now you need to open up the SQL Studio Management Express (if you are using the built-in SQL Express shipped with DA),  select Database,  DirectAudit database, Properties and choose Extended properties.


6) Select the service connection point, and replace everything before the @sign with the "objectGUID" from step 3.


7) Save the DA manager console and open it again.


8) Right click on DA manager, and go to Manage Publication and remove the temporary publication object. Click Add and select the default location  ie. Program data/zones/Centrify.

9) At this point, you should be able to re-publish Collector.


None. This has nothing to do with Centrify DirectAudit. It is recommended to re-install everything and these steps are provided as the "last resort"