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KB-1904: Why does adjoin fail with a message "invalid container specified in argument"?

Authentication Service ,   Mac & PC Management Service ,  

12 April,16 at 11:46 AM

Applies to: DirectControl 4.4.0 and above on all platforms

Why does adjoin fail with an error "invalid container" error message even though correct container name was provided for (-c) flag ?


admins-mac-mini:~ admin$ sudo adjoin -z dztest -c services -u jdoe
jdoe's Active Directory password: 
Using writable domain controller:
Error:invalid container specified in argument
Join to domain '', zone 'dztest' failed.

Starting from DirectControl 4.4.0 onwards, adclient accepts full/relative Distinguished Name and full canonical name only.

<snip from man pages for adjoin >
 -c, --container container DN
The container DN specifies the distinguished  name  (DN) of  the container or Organizational Unit in which to place this computer account.
You can specify the containerDN by:

          - Canonical name ( 

Note: You cannot specify a partial name for the canonical name.
          - Fully distinguished name (cn=services, cn=unix,dc= ajax,dc=org)
         - Relative distinguished name without the domain suffix(cn=services,cn=unix)

In the above example, you need to specify the adjoin command as follows:

Relative DN:
admins-mac-mini:~ admin$ sudo adjoin -z dztest -c "cn=services,cn=unix" -u jdoe

Or Full DN:
admins-mac-mini:~ admin$ sudo adjoin -z dztest -c "cn=services,cn=unix,dc=ajax,dc=org" -u jdoe

Or Full Canonical Name:
admins-mac-mini:~ admin$ sudo adjoin -z dztest -c ""  -u jdoe

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