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KB-19016: The Centrify adinfo Command Reports an Invalid Connector

Authentication Service ,  

22 August,19 at 11:26 PM

The Centrify command, adinfo -i cip, reports that invalid connectors are found in the domain.  The output is similar to:

Centrify Connectors invalid:
      Centrify Connector: w2k12r2s-cps041.single01.cdc
        Centrify Identity Platform URL:
        Connector Site:
        Connector FQDN: w2k12r2s-cps041.single01.cdc
        Tenant ID:
        Connector port: -
        Connector IWA HTTP port: -
        Connector IWA HTTPS port: -
The centrifydc.log file contains these messages:

adclient[8695]: DEBUG <bg-MAIN:refreshCloudConnectorsInfo> base.cloudconnector.locator got FQDN from parent object: w2k12r2s-cps041.single01.cdc
adclient[8695]: DEBUG <bg-MAIN:refreshCloudConnectorsInfo> base.cloudconnector.locator Invalid cloud connector SCP for cloudUrl:
adclient[8695]: INFO  <bg-MAIN:refreshCloudConnectorsInfo> base.cloudconnector.locator Centrify Agent will not use Centrify Connector 'w2k12r2s-cps041.single01.cdc' to provide connectivity to Centrify Identity Platform URL '' because keywords 'centrify.core.cloudurl' are missing.


This issue occurs when Centrify connectors are in the same Active Directory domain with connectors from Idaptive.  The message is not an error.  There is no loss of functionality for the CDC agent.

The 19.6 Centrify DirectControl agent has a modified message indicating that the non-Centrify connector will be "skipped".  The logging level for this new message is changed to DEBUG.