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KB-19014: The scp Command Displays the Password in Clear Text When DirectAudit Command Line Auditing is Enabled.

Authentication Service ,  

15 April,20 at 10:06 AM

When the following conditions are met, the scp command displays the user password in clear text:
a) Centrify DirectControl and DirectAudit version 18.11 are installed.
b) Command line auditing is enabled, NSS module is inactive.
c) The /usr/bin/ssh is an audited command.

The dainfo command shows this information:
  User-added image
In the example below, scp is being used to copy a file to another location (in this case, to the locahost:/tmp directory).  The user is prompted for a password.  The password can be seen in clear text as it is typed in my the user.
User-added image



If stdout is piped to another command, cdash (the Centrify auditing service shell wrapper) does not set the tty to raw. However, scp will make ssh's stdin and stdout as pipes when it works with ssh. When ssh wants a password, it will open /dev/tty and read.  cdash will replace ssh, and its stdin and stdout are pipes. Therefore cdash will not set the tty into raw mode as usual, because stdout is not a tty.

This issue is resolved in Centrify DirectAudit release 19.6