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KB-18312: The adquery user Command Returns the Message "Unexpected error from.../adquery: Unknown error"

Authentication Service ,  

6 August,19 at 04:33 PM

When the command adflush user is executed, the error is returned: 
"Unexpected error from /usr/share/centrifydc/libexec/adquery: Unknown error"


The error is generated when the Direct Authorize cache, /var/centrifydc/dz.cache, is not being built by the adclient.  An error, similar to the following, can be seen in the debug logfle:

rhel75 adclient[8735]: WARN <fd:25 get object > sam.loader Disconnection detected. DB: /var/centrifydc/ update fail

Failure to build dz.cache can be due to blocked firewall ports that are preventing adclient from downloading the data from domain controllers in the joined domain and/or domain controllers in any cross trusted domains.

Use the adcheck tool to identify and resolve any issue with networks and firewalls that are blocking access to domain controllers or cross trusted Domains

Open the required ports per KB-0029. 

Resolve DNS issues as needed.

Blacklist domain controllers and cross trusted domains that are not reachable by adclient.

Rebuild the dz.cache using the command
# adflush -a
Verify the existence of /var/centrifydc/dz.cache.  Check the date and timestamp on the file to confirm it was built when adflush was executed.