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KB-1801: Missing predefined login role in all child zones

Authentication Service ,  

12 April,16 at 11:07 AM

Applies to: Centrify DirectManage Access Manager Version 5.1

The predefined login role is missing from the 'Select Role' window when trying to do role assignments

When upgrading from a pre-5.1 release Access Manager to 5.1, the user needs to run 'Generate Predefined Roles' to bring in all predefined roles - the 'Unix Login' role is missing from this command.

Create a custom login role for role assignment:

1) In the Zone where a login role is required to be assigned, expand 'Authorization' in this zone and right-click 'Role Definitions', select 'Add Role'

2) In the popup window, enter a desired name and then click 'System Rights' and select 3 boxes:

- 'Password login and non-password (SSO) loin are allowed'
- 'Non password (SSO) login is allowed'
- 'Login with non-Restricted Shell'
Then click Apply and OK.

3) Right-click on this new role definition to select 'Add Rights'
4) In the popup window, select 'login-all' PAM access then OK

This new created role will behave as a predefined login role and be assigned to users/groups before the upcoming fix becomes available.

Will be fixed in the future releases of Centrify.