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KB-1780: How to uninstall Centrify agent on Unix/Linux platforms?

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11 April,19 at 09:31 PM

How do we uninstall Centrify DirectControl agent on Unix/Linux systems?
First there is no reason to uninstall Centrify product under ANY circumstances. Please call Centrify Support for any issues. Use 'Uninstall as your last resort'. Also if you wish to upgrade Centrify from one version to another, depending on the version, there is no need to uninstall and re-install as running and choosing custom (C) and upgrade (U) will work fine. 
Now if you do wish to uninstall if you think the the binaries are corrupt or missing, you have a couple of options.
As root or sudo, open a terminal and navigate to the folder where Centrify was first installed (typically /usr/share/centrifydc/bin) . On most Centrify DirectControl-managed systems, you can remove the Centrify DirectControl Agent and related files by running the script. 
as follows:
#/bin/sh /usr/share/centrifydc/bin/

The script will detect whether the Centrify DirectControl Agent is currently installed on the local computer and will ask you whether you want to uninstall your current Centrify DirectControl installation.

Starting with Centrify DirectControl 5.2.4, the script moved to /usr/local/share/centrifydc/bin/
To uninstall Centrify DirectControl, enter 'R' when prompted.
For example:
CentrifyDC is already installed. Do you want to remove it (R), update (U), or keep (K) the current CentrifyDC package (Q|U|R|K)? R
Now if you cannot locate or are unable to run the script, you can use the appropriate command for the local operating environment to remove the Centrify DirectControl Agent and related files .
For more details, please contact the respective vendors for the syntax or check pages 274 of Centrify DirectControl Planning and Deployment Guide