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KB-1664: adcheck reports "marginal" for one of the DNS server, what does it mean ?

Auditing and Monitoring Service ,   Authentication Service ,   Mac & PC Management Service ,  

12 April,16 at 11:02 AM

Applies to: All versions of Centrify DirectControl.


adcheck reports "marginal" when checking DNS servers.

For example in the output below,  it is noticed the first DNS server is reported as "marginal". What does "marginal" mean ?

dhcp1 # ./ -t net -V
adcheck (CentrifyDC 4.4.0-362)

Host Diagnostics
    uname: SunOS dhcp1 5.10 Generic_141444-09 sun4v
      OS: SunOS
      Version: 5.10
      Number of CPUs: 24
Inspecting DNS configuration
    Configured DNS servers are: - ( )
            UDP OK, response time = 0.1063
            UDP OK, response time = 0.0017
            UDP OK, response time = 0.0017
            UDP OK, response time = 0.0017
            UDP OK, response time = 0.0016
            TCP OK, response time = 0.0007 ( )
            UDP OK, response time = 0.0029
            UDP OK, response time = 0.0029
            UDP OK, response time = 0.0029
            UDP OK, response time = 0.0029
            UDP OK, response time = 0.0028
            TCP OK, response time = 0.0019
IP Diagnostics
Local host name: dhcp1
Local IP Address:
Not found in DNS!Make sure it is in Reverse Lookup Zone.
FQDN host name:
FQDN host name:dhcp1 (domain missing?)
    look for local ssh server - found  SSH-2.0-Sun_SSH_1.1.3
NSHOSTS  : Check hosts line in /etc/nsswitch.conf  : Pass
DNSPROBE : Probe DNS  server                             : Pass
DNSPROBE : Probe DNS  server                             : Pass
DNSCHECK : Analyze basic health of DNS  servers                         : Warning
         : One or more DNS server are dead or marginal
         : You might be able to continue but it is very likely that  you will have problems
         : Check the following IP addresses in /etc/resolv.conf
         : The following table lists the state of all configured DNS  servers
         : ( ): marginal
         : ( OK

1 warnings were encountered during check. We recommend checking these  before proceeding.


adcheck checks the readiness of machine to join an Active Directory domain. The adcheck command performs operating system, network, and  Active Directory tests to verify that a machine is ready to join the specfied Active Directory domain. 

In the command " -t net -V"

The flag  -t means "Run only one of the tests", -V means verbose and -net means "Run the network check" to check for response time.

adcheck reports "marginal" if the response time from any of the DNS servers is greater than 0.1 sec ( > 1/10 of a sec).

"UDP OK, response time = 0.1063".


You can check why the DNS server is taking time (> 0.1 sec) to respond or simply ignore the message and proceed with the install or join.


Future releases of DirectControl will do some fine tuning or improve the verbiage "marginal".