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KB-1628: How to eliminate HPUX syslog message "AD user conflicts with user in local protected password database"

Auditing and Monitoring Service ,   Authentication Service ,   Mac & PC Management Service ,  

12 April,16 at 10:59 AM

Applies to: All versions of DirectControl on trusted HPUX


How to eliminate the warning message below from /var/adm/syslog/syslog.log?


adclient[12406]: WARN <fd:20 NSSNextPrPasswd> base.objecthelper.user AD user 'testuser'[uid=1234] conflicts with user 'testuser'[uid=4321] in local protected password database. Continuing without overwriting.



Whenever an AD user logs into HPUX server, a corresponding password database file is created under /tcb/files/auth. The warning is thrown if AD user's uid does not match with the one in the corresponding tcb file the AD user.

Attached in this KB is a script to check and remove the conflicting password database entries:

# ./ --help

This script checks if trusted user's uid conflicts with AD User for the same unixname, and prints out a report of all the AD users with conflicting uids.
User running the script will be prompted if they want to fix the conflicting tcb records. --fix flag can be used for no prompt.

 [-v] [--fix]
    -v      Verbose operation
   --fix    Fix the problem without prompting
   --help   Print this usage.

Sample report of conflict uids:

Name                UID(TRUSTED)   UID (AD)
====                ============   ========
seminole            80699          40699
selma_cl            80700          40700
c-krusty            10029          43394
senegal_            80709          40709
semitiza            80712          40712
knudsen_            50205          40205
child12k3           10000          41013
aix51_u             144823         44823
smoke2k3-test1      10001          10000

Here are the sample messages when fixing the record in the trusted db: 

semitici            80166          40166
Do you want fix the conflicted uid in trusted db? [N] : y
Updating /tcb/files/auth/s/seminole change uid to 40699 .....
Updating /tcb/files/auth/s/selma_cl change uid to 40700 .....
Updating /tcb/files/auth/c/c-krusty change uid to 43394 .....
Updating /tcb/files/auth/s/senegal_ change uid to 40709 .....
Updating /tcb/files/auth/s/semitiza change uid to 40712 .....
Updating /tcb/files/auth/k/knudsen_ change uid to 40205 .....
Updating /tcb/files/auth/c/child12k3 change uid to 41013 .....
Updating /tcb/files/auth/a/aix51_u change uid to 44823 .....
Updating /tcb/files/auth/s/smoke2k3-test1 change uid to 10000 .....
Updating /tcb/files/auth/s/septembe change uid to 40110 .....
Updating /tcb/files/auth/s/sergei_b change uid to 40765 .....
Updating /tcb/files/auth/t/t2child change uid to 41010 .....
Updating /tcb/files/auth/t/t1child change uid to 41009 .....