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KB-11843: DirectAudit database will not approve any manually inserted data

Auditing and Monitoring Service ,  

26 June,19 at 07:03 PM

Problem: During the DirectAudit Installation Configuration Wizard, selecting Use Existing Database and the database validation result displays an "Unknown Problem error".
User-added image
Cause: If database properties are viewed after creation, the Management Studio will state: "This database does not have one or more of the support objects required to use database diagramming. Do you wish to create them?" It will offer a yes/no option. If yes is chosen, it will create a system table called dbo.sysdigrams. This will cause the database to be seen as not empty and cause the DirectAudit installation to display the above error.

User-added image

  • Don't select yes at the above question if prompted after database creation.
  • If it is accidentally created, use Management Studio to expand database properties and manually delete the dbo.sysdigrams table from the Tables\System Tables list.
Necessary Permissions:
In order to create the Installation and configure the management database on an existing database, the target database had to be configured with dbo_owner role for the installation account. In addition, the installation account had to be added to the sysadmins role on the SQL Server Installation. Optionally, the Configuration wizard does allow user to enter a second set of credentials such as sa if sysadmin role is not granted to installation account.