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KB-11818: How To Enable FastDB on Customer Managed Privilege Access Service PostgreSQL Database

Privileged Access Service ,  

16 April,19 at 08:19 PM

The Customer Managed Privilege Access Service (PAS) release 19.3 includes a new performance improvement feature called FastDB.  What is FastDB and how can it be enabled?
The Customer Managed Privilege Access Service (PAS) installs a PostgreSQL database to store the configuration data for the product.  Starting with PAS release 19.3, the PostgreSQL database can be configured to allow for optimized performance when loading PAS pages and searching the database.  This feature is referred to as FastDB. 

The FastDB performance advantage is realized when the database is hosting several hundreds of users and systems.  Smaller databases may not demonstrate any performance improvement .  It is definitely recommended when the database contains over a thousand users and/or systems.  The feature does not have any effect on performance when running RDP or SSH sessions to the PAS Infrastructure resources. 

Below are the steps to enable FastDB on the Centrify installed PostgreSQL database.
1) In the tenant, browse to

Settings -> Customization -> Advanced Configuration
User-added image

2) Pick Add and define a new parameter
Key: PLV8
Value: True

User-added image

3) For High-Availability PAS, stop and restart the Role in Microsoft Failover Cluster Manager

User-added image
4) For Evaluaton PAS, open a cmd window and reset IIS
c:> iisreset
User-added image