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KB-11494: Platform Customer Branding Changes

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4 March,19 at 03:24 PM

This article describes planned changes for Idaptive branding of Centrify products and services on February 23rd, 2019 and applies to joint customers of Idaptive and Centrify. The attached PDF file towards the end of this article can be used for end-user communications.



User Experience Changes


Centrify Browser Extension (CBE) 

Branding changes will apply to both pure Idaptive and Platform customers.  

After February 23rd, you will see an upgrade prompt on the User Portal. The upgraded version is called the Idaptive Browser Extension (IBE) and will replace CBE for all Idaptive customers (both pure Idaptive & Platform customers).  

Click the "here" link to start the upgrade.  Click the Download button to begin the installation. 
User-added image User-added image

After the download completes, you will see the a grey Idaptive logo in the upper right of your browser. If you do not see the grey logo, restart the browser. 


Click the grey Idaptive logo, click the Sign In link, and log in to the User Portal again. 

After you log in, the grey logo will become a purple & teal logo. You can now launch applications using the Idaptive Browser extension. 
User-added image User-added image



Mobile Application 

Branding changes will apply to both pure Idaptive and Platform customers. 

The Idaptive branded mobile application will be available to existing customers after February 23rd. What you experience on your device falls into two categories.

  1. If you have configured your mobile device to automatically accept application updates, then the Centrify mobile application will automatically update to Idaptive.

  2. If you have NOT configured your mobile device to automatically accept application updates, nothing will change. Your device will continue showing the Centrify branded application until you manually update the application or upon further communication from Idaptive. This means you will see Idaptive branding in the User/Admin Portal, but your mobile device will continue showing the Centrify branded application. You will experience this dual branding until you manually update the mobile application. When you are ready to manually update your mobile application, you can search for either “Centrify” or “Idaptive”. Both will return the Idaptive mobile application.

Regardless of the brand you see, product functionality remains the same. After launching the Idaptive mobile application, you will see the following branding:

User-added image User-added image