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KB-11357: Why Does the Postgres Database Certificate Installed with Customer Managed PAS, Generate a Vulnerability Alert When Scanned?

Privileged Access Service ,  

27 November,18 at 08:03 PM

The PostgresSQL database certificate that is created when customer manager Privilege Access Service is installed, causes a vulnerability scan alert. 
Vulnerability Description:
The subject common name (CN) field in the X.509 certificate does not match the name of the entity presenting the certificate.
Vulnerability Proof:
The subject common name found in the X.509 certificate does not seem to match the scan target:
* Subject CN cisdb-pgsql-host does not match target name specified in the site.
* Subject CN cisdb-pgsql-host could not be resolved to an IP address via DNS lookup
* Subject Alternative Name cisdb-pgsql-host does not match target name specified in the site.

Is the certificate a normal part of the Postgres installation?  Is the vulnerability scan results exposing a security risk? 

The certificate, named server.crt, located on the shared DB drive, in the <Postgres SQL database-install-location>\<database>>\pgdsqldb folder, is an expected part of the installation. It is used to establish SSL connections between the service and the PostgresSQL database added as part of the installation. These are local connections only, so the certificate does not pose a security risk. When connecting to the PostgresSQL database, the service validates the CN matches the expected name of the Postgres service, i.e.: cisdb-pgsql-host.

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