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KB-11270: Login data cannot be populated to the Desktop Apps

Privileged Access Service ,  

26 October,18 at 07:40 AM

Applies to: Privileged Access Service 

When launching the desktop app from PAS admin portal > Desktop Apps, the connection is built successfully but login credential cannot be populated into the login window.
For example, the SQL Management Studio is launched while the connection is stuck as no password filled in automatically. 

User-added image

When deploying the Desktop App there is a command line defined to send out the user name, password, server name and instance name to remote desktop service. 
-S {database.FQDN}\{database.InstanceName} -U {user.User} -P {user.Password}
If the SQL Management Studio application is not configured to accept this command line then the login credential cannot be filled into the login window automatically. 

Navigate to the RDS > Connections > the connection name > REMOTEAPP PROGRAMS > published application, e.g. SQL Server Management Studio. 
Then right click on the published application name to open Properties, go to Parameters then enable option '
Allow any command-line parameters'. 

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Some prerequisites before deploying the Desktop Apps. 

A standalone Windows Server with Remote Desktop Services deployed. In Remote Desktop Services, you need to:
  • Publish the SQL Server Management Studio application to your remote desktop collection.
  • Configure SQL Server Management Studio application parameters to Allow any command-line parameters. This enables the Infrastructure Services command line functionality.