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KB-11171: How to setup and use dzdo instead of sudo

Authentication Service ,  

18 December,18 at 02:57 PM

This article goes over how to setup and use dzdo in the same way you use sudo. 

The first step you will take is going into Access manager and expanding the "UNIX Right Definitions" section under the authorization tab. Then right click and select "New command" under the "Commands" section. 
User-added image

This will bring up the properties window. You will first want to configure the General tab, you can replicate the setup below. 
User-added image

After configuring the general tab, you will need to configure the "Restricted Shell" (see below)
User-added image

Next you will be specifying who the command will be run as. Be sure you check the "Can be used by dzdo" followed by specifying root as the user this command will be run as. 
User-added image

You can leave the Environment section as is. 

Lastly, you will want to configure the attributes for this command. This is where you can specify if re-authentication is required after running the command. 
User-added image

Once you've set this, click "Apply" at the bottom right.
Last, you will need to assign the command to the Role. It's recommended you create a "UNIX Admin" role to assign this command to. 
User-added image
User-added image

Now, you're ready to test your command. 
User-added image 
You can confirm it's setup correct if you can run a root privilege command like adflush using dzdo. 

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